The Equine Shader Spray by NAK


One of the newest products on the market! The Equine Shader Spray by NAK comes in sparyform and it is applied by spraying the horse once a month for the best result. The Equine Shader Spray makes your horse's anatomy to show itself even better than before, even if its for showing or just riding in the arena.


This product will make your horse's coat matte. If you are not into the matte coat, then you can combine this spray* with one of our shine sprays we'll launch in the near future!

*The Equine Shader Spray will combine with most of the other shine sprays already available on the market by other creators.

The Equine Shader Spray comes in 250 ml and 500 ml spray form

[This is a CAS product made by me, it's found under full body and applied with two markings, one for shadows and one for highlights. Comes in a .ZIP folder]

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